Everyone is a Winner! Spend $75 or More at Winners and get 500 Scene points

I love clothes. I love movies. I love saving money and have been attempting to get more into the habit of being frugal the past few weeks. That meant that those random trips to the cinema had to be cut down. Thankfully, Winner’s is going to give my cinema budget a revival with this printable coupon to get 500 Scene Points when you spend $75 or more.

Now, if you have no idea what this Scene Card is, it’s a point system for all Cineplex theaters where the more you use it, the more free stuff you get. To learn more about this point system, visit the Scene Reward page for full details. The best part: registration is free.

500 scene points is half of what you need to get a free movie–you need 1000 points for a free movie. The great part about this is that points will only be awarded once a day but you can redeem this coupon up to 4 times; that translates into 2 free movie tickets if you use them all. That would mean however that you would need to spend $300 at Winners to qualify.

Winners Scene points

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