Free Litre of Pre-Packaged Ice Cream from Marble Slab With Purchase

A little while back, Anne posted about Marble Slab and we both spent more time then we should have looking at all the yummy goodness available. I can already imagine my stomach expanding and my wallet diminishing if I was in their store trying to chose just one thing. It seems near impossible.

Make sure you have this handy printable coupon handy for your next purchase of a large ice cream cake, because you will get a litre of pre-packaged ice cream for free. There’s a limit of one per customer, but it’s easy to bypass that if you’d like multiple ice cream treats! Recruit friends or family to do a separate order with another coupon to walk away with such amazing goodies like the Chocolate Peanut Butter cake.

Have you tried any of their products? Do you have a fave that you would recommend?

Marble Slab

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