Hidden Save.ca Coupons

We link and write about Save.ca a lot. Our last post talked about how to use the website and touched on their hidden coupons (it’s a good read if you have the time and don’t know much about their site). We have been asked numerous times via email requests to do a full, regularly updated section on VC listing all the website portals that have hidden pages with coupons only available on save.ca through special links (i.e. you can’t find them by browsing the save.ca site directly). So I finally got around to it and I hope it will prove helpful.

If you find a portal (website) that has more hidden coupons for save.ca, please make a comment at the bottom of the page and we will list it and credit you for it, because you are awesome.

Active Save.ca Coupon Portals

We also list which and how many coupons are available for each portal for added convenience. Some of the save.ca coupons can be found on the respective website of each brand, so we listed these too, in case you wanted more information. Note that sometimes the coupons are only visible once you ‘like’ the brand on Facebook. There has been a lot of talk about the Facebook ‘like’ promotions, but, love them or hate them, all we do is list them and try to make it clear beforehand, it’s up to you to deice whether to participate or not. There may also be variations of availability per province.
Old El Paso
[ratingsMulti id=56770 pos=21]

$1.00 off Old El Paso Hot or Mild kits

[ratingsMulti id=56770 pos=20]

$1.00 off Pilsbury Chocolatey Crescents

[ratingsMulti id=56770 pos=19]

$1.00 off Snuggle Liquid Fabric Softener or Dryer Sheets

[ratingsMulti id=56770 pos=18]

$1.00 off Kraft Shredded Cheese

[ratingsMulti id=56770 pos=5]

$1.50 off ‘one a day’ Bayer Multivitamins

[ratingsMulti id=56770 pos=3]

$1 off any Danone Activia Yogurt (you need to like them on Facebook to activate this coupon)

dr oetker
[ratingsMulti id=56770 pos=7]

Buy 2 save $1.50 on any Ristorante Pizza
$1.50 off any Panebello Baker Crust Pizza
Buy 2 save $1.50 on any Casa Di Mama Pizza

[ratingsMulti id=56770 pos=10]

$5 off all premium K-Y products (you need to like them on Facebook to activate this coupon)
$3 off all K-Y products (same stipulations as above)

[ratingsMulti id=56770 pos=4]

$2 off Club House La Grille seasoning

[ratingsMulti id=56770 pos=9]

$3.50 off Purina dog or puppy chow
$5 off Pro Plan shredded blend, must use this exclusive pro plan link

[ratingsMulti id=56770 pos=11]

$1.50 off any Sunlight liquid, power or packs detergent (excluding 10ct packs)

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