Hidden webSaver.ca Coupons

Unlike many of their competitors webSaver.ca actually power the coupons for various brands on their own websites/portals, rather than insisting coupons need to be displayed only on webSaver. For example you may only find General Mills secret offers on the GeneralMills.ca portal rather than on a cloaked page on webSaver.

It is really important for newbie couponers to browse the webSaver site first. Once there, scroll down to the bottom of the page to find semi-secret offers. These are ones that are not navigable any other way (you can’t search for them and you can browse them on the home page). While we don’t know the exact reason they do this, we assume it has something to do with the featured brands wanting to keep their offers less visible so not every regular Joe purchaser can use them.

The offers below are true hidden coupons. We will constantly update this page with new concealed offers. Most will be hidden portals, and a few will require certain actions to be performed in order to claim an offer, from liking them on facebook, to clicking an offer, to subscribing to their newsletters. Where possible, these stipulations will be noted. Please use the voting on the side of the coupons to indicate if the coupon is still operational as none of these offers come with expiry dates. Be kind to the community and vote.

Active webSaver.ca Coupon Portals

[ratingsMulti id=57474 pos=23]

$1 off when you buy Ryza 946ml or 1.89L

[ratingsMulti id=57474 pos=22]

$5 off when you buy Nestle Good Start infant formula

[ratingsMulti id=57474 pos=21]

$1 off when you buy Cashmere Double Roll Bathroom Tissue.

[ratingsMulti id=57474 pos=20]

Save $0.75 on any So Good 1.89L beverage.
Save $1.00 on any So Good Frozen Dessert.
Save $0.75 on any So Good 3 x 250ml Prisma pack beverage.

[ratingsMulti id=57474 pos=19]

Save $1 on your next Gerber product (excludes jarred purees).

[ratingsMulti id=57474 pos=18]

Get a free 1L of Natrel Baboo milk (worth $3.29).

[ratingsMulti id=57474 pos=17]

Save $1 when you purchase any 2 packages of Country Naturals hot dogs, fresh sausages,smoked sausages, Red Hots, Juicy Jumbos, Grill’ems or Ham Steaks.

Olivieri pasta
[ratingsMulti id=57474 pos=16]

Save $1 off any purchase of Olivieri Natural pasta.

Maple leaf
[ratingsMulti id=57474 pos=15]

Save $1 when you purchase any 2 packages of Maple Leaf Top Dogs, Maple Leaf Natural selections or Dempster’s, Ben’s or Pom’s Hot dog or burger buns.

[ratingsMulti id=57474 pos=12]

Buy any DENTA STIX® product and get any Snacks & Treats product free.

[ratingsMulti id=57474 pos=10]

$2 off when you buy a Cetaphil cleanser 250ml

[ratingsMulti id=57474 pos=8]
$2 off any package of CESAR Dry food for small dogs (1.6 or 3kg)
[ratingsMulti id=57474 pos=9]

$1 off any Colgate Optic WhiteTM toothpaste

[ratingsMulti id=57474 pos=6]

$2 off when you buy any Garnier Nutrisse Mousse
$1 off when you buy Sleek & Shine Moroccan Sleek Oil Treatment

science diet
[ratingsMulti id=57474 pos=1]

Coupons frequently change for both dogs and cats

[ratingsMulti id=57474 pos=5]
$2 off your next purchase of any Jamieson product.
$2 off your next purchase of Jamieson Omega-3 Super Krill.
[ratingsMulti id=57474 pos=2]

Save $2 when you buy a New York Mega Plush Mascara

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