Mhmm, Free Cheesecake with Purchase at M&M

Cake is good, but free cake is even better. An even finer deal is free cheesecake; the ultimate in sweet, rich, sugary treats. M&M Meat shops are offering this freebie when you spend $35 or more with our printable coupon. The only catch is that you must be in their eMax Program but registration is free and unlocks a multitude of other deals and freebies.

I’m aware that some of their products are pricey, but there are a lot of good bulk choices that are tasty and easy to make. Instead of buying from your local butcher, check in at M&M to see what you could pick up for your next big BBQ or just to stock up. Cheesecake is purely an awesome bonus, and you can select from 5 different varieties. What do you plan on picking up?

M&M Printable Coupon

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