Munch into a Hamburger at Harvey’s; Buy One, Get One Free

If you’ve ever been to local Canada Day Celebrations, you’ll know that food has a tendency to be over-priced and not particularly the best quality. Sure, I’ll grab a hot dog if desperate, but it wouldn’t be my first go-to option. While Harvey’s is still considered fast food, it’s still considerably healthier then a greasy hot dog grilled on a questionable stove.

In celebration of Canada Day, present yourself in-store with this printable coupon (or show it on your smartphone) and at least one item of red clothing (I wouldn’t recommend walking in with the famous Canada Day bikini I keep mentioning). When you buy a burger and a drink or a Burger combo, you will get another burger for free. It’s a frugal alternative and it could be used as a treat for your munchkins if you have them in tow.


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