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Enjoy $5 Off a Bernardin Home Canning Starter Kit

When it comes to saving money, home canning is probably one of the best ways to do so. Not only that, but it’s also a much healthier alternative than buying canned food loaded with preservatives and goodness knows what else at the grocery store. For those who have been considering giving canning a try, then be sure to print the coupon below for $5 off a Bernardin Starter Kit.

The Bernardin Home Canning Starter Kit includes: An instructional DVD, a 21 quart canner, a canning rack, a jar lifter, a funnel, a magnetic lid lifer, bubble remover, decorative jam jars with lids, pectin as well as recipes.

I purchased this same starter kit a couple of months ago and I have to say that I was surprised to see just how amazing it is: it truly does contain everything you need to get started on canning. After “googling” each piece separately, I also found out that it was a much better bargain to get it as a kit rather than piece by piece. Keep in mind that you will still need to buy regular-sized jars separately because the ones included are far too small, but don’t worry these are usually less than $6.

Do you can? Share with us your tips and tricks either below or on our Forum!

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Up to $2 Off Brita Bottles, Filters and More From Clorox

Printables are great and all but not when they’re for products your family just doesn’t use! Conveniently, Clorox is offering coupons for common household items, among which at least one should pique your curiosity. In fact, they’re offering 5 different coupons with up to $2 off Brita filters, bottles and more.

The best part is that there’s no signing up or waiting for coupons to arrive in the mail required. Simply print and go before your next shopping trip!

Here are the many ways you can save:

  • $2 Off Brita filters;
  • $2 Off Brita Bottles;
  • $1 Off Clorox2 products;
  • $1 Off Clorox, Tilex or Green Works with Smart Tube Technology;
  • $0.50 Off Hidden Valley Ranch products.

Which coupon(s) will you be printing?

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Take an extra $5 off when you spend $25 at Sirens

Here’s something I bet you didn’t know — at least I didn’t: every month, Sirens releases a $5 off printable coupon! Until August 31st 2013, present the coupon below to save $5 on in-stores orders of $25 or more. There’s no catch, there’s no “Like” required on Facebook; just print and go.

Although the coupon has a limit of one per transaction as well as one per customer, it’s easy to by-pass that by rounding up a couple of friends and family members to help and pass half of your order separately, or come back the next day to pick up the rest with a different coupon.

I don’t usually shop at Sirens, but I had the chance to visit one a few months ago. It’s not really my style of clothing — honestly — but I found a couple items that I really fell for. There was a drop necklace with a feather attached to it that I picked up for a decent price and some nice tanks perfect for summer.

What do you plan on picking up, frugal-friends?


Planning a Visit to the CN Tower? Save 15%!

Standing tall at 553.33m (1,815 ft), the CN Tower is considered the world’s tallest freestanding tower and is Canada’s National Tower. Whether you live nearby or are planning a trip to Toronto, ON soon, be sure to visit this spectacular tower and use the printable coupon below to save 15% off a general admission ticket.

CN Tower EdgewalkIt is most certainly a tower worth visiting, especially with its glass floor, which allows visitors to see down below. As scary as it may seem, it actually is quite safe and provides for a rather interesting feeling to be looking down so far!

The CN Tower is also particularly renowned for its EdgeWalk, allowing people to walk around the CN tower OUTSIDE! I know what you may be thinking upon seeing the picture on the right but I’m sure it’s quite the adrenaline rush!

While you’re there, be sure to also print coupons to save up to $20 and 10% off at the Hockey Hall of Fame as well as up to $36 off at Canada’s Wonderland.

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Beautify Your Outside with Home Depot’s Buy 2, Get 1 Free On All Trees or Shrubs

It’s never too late to start decorating your yard with greenery, and to help you, print the coupon below for a buy two, get one free on any tree or shrub at Home Depot.

Keep in mind that a yard or garden isn’t a necessary requirement, as these can be placed anywhere: on a balcony, on the front steps, alongside the curb… the only limit is your imagination!

Don’t forget to visit Home Depot’s Garden Club for tips and tricks.

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Second Cup: Upgrade in Size for Free (Toronto Only)

Is the Adelaide Centre on your way to work in the mornings? Print the coupon below to get a free upgrade to a size bigger with any purchase of brewed coffee, speciality coffee, or tea at Second Cup.

Did you know that all Second Cup kiosks offer free internet? Head on over to enjoy a fantastic cup of coffee or tea while you get some work done and listen to music.

This coupon is only redeemable at the Second Cup in Adelaide Centre located in Toronto, ON.

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Up to $5 Off in Polysporin Coupons

Let’s face it, cold sores are particularly common and can often bubble up at the worst of times. So, why suffer when you can run over to the nearest pharmacy and relieve the uncomfortable feeling with Polysporin. Considering that it costs close to $20, there’s no reason not to print out the coupon below to save $5 off!

In fact, countless of reviewers have given this product positive reviews praising the instant relief they received from Polysporin’s healing patch.

There are also two other coupons available, namely:

  • $2 off Polysporin Topical Antibiotic ($2.50 for Quebec residents)
  • $1.50 off Polysporin Invisible Lip Health.

Whichever you need is sure to provide you with relief no matter what! Keep in mind that to print these three coupon, you will need to first register to Healthy Essential, which only takes a couple of seconds and is completely free. Upon registering, you will also be granted access to a couple of other coupons such as $1 off Band-Aids, $2.50 off Clean & Clear Morning Burst body wash, $3.50 off Tylenol Ultra Relief Tough on Headaches and a couple of others.

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Absolutely Free $10 Linen Chest Gift Card (Online Coupon)

The land for all things homey –Linen Chest– is currently giving away a $10 gift card (printable coupon) to anyone who “Likes” their Facebook page and enters their name and e-mail address.

It’s really that easy!

This coupon should be particularly handy to anyone who has recently either moved out or moved to a different place as we all know how fast household costs add up, most notably when you have to start from scratch!

Perhaps the offer can be used to lessen the cost of decor items or even kitchen tools. There’s definitely something for everyone at a store near you.

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There’s Still Time! Buy 2, Get 1 free on Vigoro Soil at Home Depot

A hobby of many, gardening requires time, dedication and as most would tell you, even quite the work-out. However, when it comes to soil, not just any will do! Whether you are fully entrenched in the daily up-keep of a garden or want to make sure your lawn looks presentable, then hurry over to Home Depot to benefit from a buy 2, get 1 free off all bags of Vigoro Soil.

Although there’s a limit of five bags per customers and the offer does expire soon, I’m sure most would agree that any deal is better than no deal at all!

Vigoro specializes in the following:

  • Lawn Soil;
  • Sun & Shade Grass Seed;
  • Rubber Much Earth Brown;
  • Triple Mix Garden Soil;
  • Ultra Turf Fall;
  • and more.

Don’t forget that until July 24th 2013, you can also save 15% off all LG appliances at Home Depot’s website as well as enjoy free shipping on items weighing 100lbs or less.

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Shop In Person at Aeropostale To Enjoy 30% Off

When the weather is gloomy, rainy and the air is filled with the sounds of thunder storms, it’s time to head over to either the closest mall to you or your favorite one even if it’s far away. To make the trip even more fun, swing by Aeropostale with the coupon below in hand and save 30% off anything you fancy.

Well, almost anything as the offer excludes items on sale, fragrances and footwear, which accounts for a rather formidable deal nevertheless as paying full price for clothes is never fun!

No worries if you miss this short sale or don’t have time to run over to an Aeropostale store near you as our page dedicated to their best deals is always up-to-date and anyways, is there anything better than having your order shipped right to your door?

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