Print Mattel Coupons and Save in Store

Here are the new Mattel coupons for this week; you could save up to $25 on your purchase so pay attention. The printable coupons all expire on the 8th of July and they can be used at most major retailers. Unfortunately they cannot be used online at the, but you can always get more information about the below products on their website.

Print any of the following Mattel coupons

  • Save $1 with the purchase of 1 HOT WHEELS 5-pack
  • Save $3 on the purchase of 1 PASSWORD JOURNAL
  • Save $4 with the purchase of 1 Little People Animal Sounds Farm
  • Save $4 with the purchase of 1 Cheer For Me Potty
  • Save $25 with the purchase of 1 Power Wheels Dune Racer

I remember how much I loved playing with the Fisher-Price Animal Farm when I was younger. I recently bought one for my nephew, but I was really disappointed to find out how little animal figurines were included with it. I thought there were a lot more with the one I had as a kid, but maybe that’s only because everything looks bigger when you’re little.

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