Push it; Save $10 on a Push-up Bra from La Senza

Sorry frugal-guys, but this is a deal for the ladies in your life only! I’ve always loved La Senza and the deals they offer; I won’t deny that shopping there is a guilty pleasure. When I saw this nifty printable coupon pop up on my Facebook feed, I knew I had to share it with some of my favourite people: YOU. There’s no need to Push it (like the Salt n Pepa song says) and don’t worry; this isn’t just for the sexy people, but for the fly people too.

For a limited time, save $10 on any push-up bra; except items that are marked down in price. In other words: regular-priced items only. There’s a bunch that are regularly priced at $19.50, like this sassy Cotton leopard print one. Bras are pricey to begin with so I’m definitely not going to complain if I can get my hands on a bra for only $9.50.

La Senza

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