Satisfy your Hunger with up to $2 off at Quiznos

With the exceptions of barbecues, I can’t stand the idea of standing at a stove and cooking or even turning on my oven. It’s just too hot for me, so I end up eating a lot of salads and sandwiches. I try to avoid eating out since it’s not in the spirit of frugality and I’ve really started to follow my guide to Meal planning to save money. But, let’s be honest frugal-friends: we all get those points where we are lazy and have no desire to cook. For those nights, plan ahead and print out this nifty coupon from Quiznos.

Until the end of August, choose something tasty from their menu and save either $2 on a large sub or $1 on a regular sub. It excludes the ‘Create your own menu’ and there’s a limit of one per customer; but there’s more than enough clever ways to get around that silly rule! Now, I don’t know about you, but this deal is making me crave something from them!


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