Share a Free Burrito Supreme with a Friend at Taco Bell

Taco Bell Been needing your Taco Bell fix? It’s not the most frugal and healthiest of options around, but a chance at a free Burrito Supreme will convert me to fast food for a few hours! Print out this coupon and with your next purchase of a Chicken or beef Burrito supreme combo (with regular fries and a drink), get a second one for free. You can chose to treat a friend to a free burrito or be sneaky and keep it all to yourself.

To claim this printable coupon, you have to like them on Facebook and the option to print it will become available (it’s hidden before that). You still have to pay taxes, if applicable, and it’s limited to one customer per bill per visit. It doesn’t stop you however, from going back on different days and loading up even more on Mexican goodness!

Sorry Quebecers, but this offer isn’t available to you!

Taco Bell

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