Top Printable Coupons Sites in Canada

There are various ways to find the latest coupons available in Canada and one of them is to browse the different printable coupon sites. There are tons of them in Canada and this is why we try to make it easier for you by listing here the best coupons we’ve found on those sites. We also list more coupons found on Facebook or others sent to us by email.

But because we also want to be transparent with all our users and we like to share our saving tips, we’ve built a list of those sites here where you can expect to find a bunch of coupons. This is an ongoing list and we won’t hesitate to add a new site if it offers different printable coupons and great deals to Canadians.


1- P&G Brandsaver
Procter and Gamble offer a lot of freebies and printable coupons all year long and this is where you will find them all. You can select which ones you will like to get and they will be send to you by mail to the address you select.

They normally have a bunch of coupons for different products. We think that this site probably has among the best selection of coupons.

This site is built super simply which means that we don’t have to navigate through a bunch of pages to choose which coupons we would like to get. Tick the ones you need and receive them by mail. For super savvy couponers you may want to read our article on how to find hidden coupons, we tried to do the topic justice.

Another great site to order coupons online. In addition to printable coupons, they also offer recipes and organize contests.

This site provides to its users a wide selection of coupons for all sorts of products. They are not our first choice, but they obviously have great deals.

If you want to have a look at the latest flyers from Canadian stores, this is where you need to go. This site offers something different from the previous ones, but this is a great resource when it comes to couponing in Canada. When I checked, they had more than 300 flyers available, which is pretty impresive.

Some of these sites might require that you enter your postal code prior to showing you the coupons which is normal as some offers are not necessarily available in all provinces. I would rather enter my postal code than finding a coupon that I cannot use in my province.

We hope you like this article and it’s going to help you save even more. Don’t hesitate to submit us more printable coupons sites and if we think they could be useful to our community, we won’t hesitate to share them.

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